Close friends call me Cooks, and I love to cook. But I love to eat more and with gusto. Cooking for me is very intuitive. Possibly, because it’s too common maybe? But I don’t think so. Because, finally, the right time has come. I’ve officially moved into “Somethin’s A-Cooking in Cooks’ Kitchen.”

Do you think that most people know at least one great recipe? I think they do. It’s like having associations with people and events, and cooking is no different than that.  It just starts in the kitchen. Whether it be simple menus or complex ones, we do it from the heart and feel the enjoyment of the preparation, the presentation, and the cooking itself.

What food in your mind truly kicks off? It’s a wonder there are times we want to cook ‘em all. There seems to be no realm in the health and wellness world than what food nutrients we put in our bodies.

Even then there’s always the argument over raw and cooked food and organic, or whether it should be low-carb, low-fat, or high-protein diets. With all these great choices, all these favorites, let’s face it, sometimes there’s nothing like a big fat, juicy whopping cheeseburgers bought from a food chain somewhere.

I think the best things about belonging to a certain culture and heritage is the association with food. And, unmistakably, our ancestors must have gotten these culinary bits perfect. Of course, we are in an imperfect world and it’s quite wonderful to be able to cook food varieties, especially if we want to elaborate on meals, make Sundays different and blissful, those sorts of things. They not only become an induction of new and distinct flavors to suit our palette, but sometimes our taste buds find it heavenly and satisfying.

Yet all these, do you think, “made with love”?  Some food just tastes better when it’s made by someone who enjoys cooking and painstakingly prepares meals for family and friends.  I bet none of us was taught about “cooking with love”; we just somehow feel it.

This is the result, a food blog, which I was so literally obsessed about doing for a very long time. I will try my best to post as many and as frequently. I hope you enjoy trying some of them out.

Again, welcome to Somethin’s A-Cooking in Cooks’ Kitchen!